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Pinewood Healthcare are licenced manufacturers of Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products. We can offer contract manufacturing and packaging in the following areas:

Oral Liquids and Suspensions - Glass, HDPE, PET, Sachets
Non-penicillin Powders - Glass, HDPE, Sachets
Creams and Ointments - Tubes and Tubs (Plastic & Aluminum)

Our state of the art facilities includes manufacturing capabilities of:

  • 500 to 10,000 litre batch sizes for Oral Liquids and
  • 500 - 8000kg batch sizes for creams and ointments
  • 150kgs - 650kgs for dry powders.

Pinewood have internationally recognised quality standards - ISO9001 and the CE Mark which reflects the high standards we maintain in Pinewood, at all times manufacturing in a GMP environment.

With the ongoing amalgamation of multi-national pharmaceutical companies resulting in the outsourcing of contract manufacture, Pinewood's expertise in this area allows us the opportunity to offer a highly flexible, cost effective, quality service.