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    International Markets

    International Markets —

    Pinewood Healthcare manufactures and distributes a wide range of generic Ethical and OTC products for the European and World Markets. Pinewood Healthcare’s dosage forms include: Oral Liquids and Suspensions, Non-Beta Lactam Powders, Creams, Ointments.

    Pinewood Healthcare has exported worldwide for over 30 years from the manufacturing site in Co. Tipperary and operates in a first-class internationally recognised facility that offers a professional and quality service to our customers.

    Pinewood Healthcare manufactures in a GMP environment in compliance with Irish and EC Regulations and has received ISO9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2003 and CE Mark accreditation.

    Pinewood Healthcare’s dosage forms include:
    • Oral Liquids and Suspensions
    • Non-Beta Lactam Powders (Non-Penicillin Powders)
    • Creams and Ointments


    • Leader in several product areas in the UK. Within the UK, we have the distinction of being a leader in the several products as well as surpassing the brand leader for some products. In addition to our own product range, we also manufacture products for supermarkets, multiple retailers, pharmacy chains and wholesalers in their own packaging.
    • Offer New licenses in worldwide market. Recognising market requirements and the ever increasing regulations from one country to another is key. We have a strong portfolio of products suitable for registration throughout Europe, whilst also incorporating stability requirements and or other technical information required for other ROW markets where there are opportunities.
    • Strategic alliances with multinationals. Pinewood Healthcare licensed products are also marketed by multinationals under their own brand name in selected international markets. We offer custom packaging, according to local regulatory requirements, where there is a commercial viable opportunity.
    • Expertise in logistics and documentation covering individual country requirements.

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