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    Atorvastatin from Pinewood

    Atorvastatin Customer Notification June 22.


    Dear valued customer,
    I am writing to you in relation to the availability of Atorvastatin from Pinewood. We are currently selling our way through our stock holding of Atorvastatin Wockhardt and we estimate we will exhaust this stock very soon. The table below depicts the timelines and the depletion dates based on our current usage.

    Product NameBar CodeIPU CodeG.M.S. CodeDepletion Date
    Atorvastatin 10mg (WUK)50-12727-90721550-99627-1973664202030/06/2022
    Atorvastatin 20mg (WUK)50-12727-90722250-99627-1973974202129/07/2022
    Atorvastatin 40mg (WUK)50-12727-90723950-99627-1974034202213/08/2022
    Atorvastatin 80mg (WUK)50-12727-90724650-99627-1974104202327/08/2022

    Once this stock is exhausted we will transition to Atorvastatin Pinewood which is on site in Ballymount. All existing prices have been have been captured on the system for the new livery and the IPU codes and G.M.S codes will remain the same as the existing presentation. In fact the only difference in the new livery is the GTIN code (Barcode) and a slight change to the artwork on the outer packaging depicting the Pinewood name and logo. The product is being sourced from the same supplier.

    One very important note if you order Atorvastatin WUK using McLernon’s D.O.E tele-ordering platform and it is deemed to be out of stock on your system please search for Atorvastatin Pinewood in the drop-down order box, select this and order this product as this will permit continuity of supply. The table below depicts the information you will require.

    Product NameBar CodeIPU CodeG.M.S. Code
    Atorvastatin 10mg PW50-99186-00783050-99627-19736642020
    Atorvastatin 20mg PW50-99186-00784750-99627-19739742021
    Atorvastatin 40mg PW50-99186-00785450-99627-19740342022
    Atorvastatin 80mg PW50-99186-00786150-99627-19741042023

    Thanking you in anticipation of your understanding and co-operation during the implementation of this transition.

    Yours sincerely.

    Jeffrey Walsh.

    Head of Sales.

    View pdf version here.

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