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    Irish Market Products

    View the A-Z list of our Irish Market products below

    NOTICE: For more detailed information on the properties or appropriate use of any prescription drugs please consult a qualified health care professional. The products discussed herein may have different product labelling in different countries. The product information provided in this site is intended for residents of Ireland only.  

    Products Description Strength Pack Form SPC View
    Acidex Compound Alginate (OTC) - 200ml Liquid
    Acidex Compound Alginate (OTC) - 500ml Liquid
    Amlodipine PW (Ethical) 5mg 30 Tablets
    Amlodipine PW (Ethical) 10mg 30 Tablets
    Aripiprazole PW (Ethical) 5mg 28 Tablets
    Aripiprazole PW (Ethical) 10mg 28 Tablets
    Aripiprazole PW (Ethical) 15mg 28 Tablets
    Aripiprazole PW (Ethical) 30mg 28 Tablets
    Atorvastatin (Ethical) 10mg 28 Tablets
    Atorvastatin (Ethical) 20mg 28 Tablets
    Atorvastatin (Ethical) 40mg 28 Tablets
    Atorvastatin (Ethical) 80mg 28 Tablets
    Atorvastatin Pinewood 10mg 10mg 28 Film-coated Tablets
    Atorvastatin Pinewood 20mg 20mg 28 Film-coated Tablets
    Atorvastatin Pinewood 40mg 40mg 28 Film-coated Tablets
    Atorvastatin Pinewood 80mg 80mg 28 Film-coated Tablets
    Cetirizine Pinewood 10mg 30 Film-Coated Tablets
    Chlorpromazine (Ethical) 25mg/5ml 1 Ltr Elixir
    Clarithromycin (Ethical) 250mg 14 Tablets
    Clarithromycin (Ethical) 500mg 14 Tablets
    Co-Danthramer (Ethical) 25mg/200mg/5ml 300ml Suspension
    Codinex (OTC) 15mg/5ml 100ml Linctus
    Codinex (OTC) 15mg/5ml 150ml Linctus
    Codinex (OTC) 15mg/5ml 500ml Linctus
    Cortopin (OTC) 1% 15g Cream
    Doxycycline (Ethical) 100mg 8 Tablets
    Dutasteride/Tamsulosin (Ethical) 0.5mg/40mcg 30 Capsules
    Febuxostat (Ethical) 80mg 28 Tablets
    Febuxostat (Ethical) 120mg 28 Tablets
    Fenopine (OTC) 100mg/5ml 100ml Suspension
    Fenopine (OTC) 100mg/5ml 150ml Suspension
    Fesoterodine 4mg 4mg 28 Prolonged-release Tablets
    Fesoterodine 8mg 8mg 28 Prolonged-release Tablets
    Flucillin (Ethical) 250mg 100 Capsules
    Flucillin (Ethical) 250mg 500 Capsules
    Flucillin (Ethical) 500mg 100 Capsules
    Flucillin (Ethical) 500mg 500 Capsules
    Lansoprazole PW  15mg 28 Capsules
    Lansoprazole PW  30mg 28 Capsules
    Losartan PW (Ethical) 50mg 28 Tablets
    Losartan PW (Ethical) 100mg 28 Tablets
    Memantine (Ethical) 10mg 28 Tablets
    Memantine (Ethical) 10mg 56 Tablets
    Memantine (Ethical) 20mg 28 Tablets
    Metformin (Ethical) 500mg 90 Tablets
    Metformin (Ethical) 850mg 60 Tablets
    Metformin (Ethical) 1000mg 30 Tablets
    Metformin (Ethical) 1000mg 60 Tablets
    Minosil (Ethical) 100mg 56 Tablets
    Nexazole 20mg 28 Capsules
    Nexazole 40mg 28 Capsules
    Omeprazole Pinewood 20mg 28 Capsules
    Ondran (Ethical) 4mg 10 Tablets
    Ondran (Ethical) 8mg 10 Tablets
    Parapaed JUNIOR (OTC) 120mg/5ml 140ml Oral Suspension
    Parapaed SIX PLUS (Ethical) 250mg/5ml 1LTR Oral Suspension
    Parapaed SIX PLUS (OTC) 250mg/5ml 70ml Oral Suspension
    Pinacort 3mg 3mg 100 modified hard release capsules
    Primacine (Ethical) 125mg/5ml 100ml Oral Suspension
    Primacine (Ethical) 250mg/5ml 100ml Oral Suspension
    Prucalopride 1mg 1mg 28 Film-Coated Tablets
    Prucalopride 2mg 2mg 28 Film-Coated Tablets
    Risedronate (Ethical) 5mg 28 Tablets
    Risedronate (Ethical) 35mg 4 Tablets
    Rosuvastatin PW (Ethical) 5mg 28 Tablets
    Rosuvastatin PW (Ethical) 10mg 28 Tablets
    Rosuvastatin PW (Ethical) 20mg 28 Tablets
    Rosuvastatin PW (Ethical) 40mg 28 Tablets
    Sitagliptin Pinewood 100g 100mg 28 Film-Coated Tablets
    Sitagliptin Pinewood 25g 25mg 28 Film-Coated Tablets
    Sitagliptin Pinewood 50g 50mg 28 Film-Coated Tablets
    Zolepant (Ethical) 20mg 28 Tablets
    Zolepant (Ethical) 40mg 28 Tablets

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